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After Image

The image above is called After Image. It is nearly two metres wide and standing in front of the real thing the eye is caught first by the black and then travels to the white. But as it does it carries an after image of the black in negative, ie. white. I was dealing with war at the time and this was about the long term effect on the psychs of people.

This next painting is called Little Bird and is about those displaced by war, those who become refugees. Australia treats refugees abysmally. It is shameful.

Although it was at the time of the first gulf war, it took me a while to realise that this series was dealing with war. I just felt deeply depressed. Gone, with this upsurge of war, was the vane hope that the will of the people would be respected. People protested in huge numbers. No one except a few leaders wanted war but we got it anyway. And look where it has led? Some of us could see that.

I really didn't understand what I was doing; painting weird black and white pictures, harsh and troubled. They had a lot of punch but really? They worried my mother. Normally she smiled politely at my non-representational abstracts, but these troubled her. It wasn't until I wrote the following poem that I understood these paintings with any depth.

painting with black

I paint with black
black to cover my sorrow
black to cover my shame

there is blood on the streets
there is blood on the faces of the children
there is blood on the Torah
there is blood on the Bible
there is blood on the Koran

there is blood
for blood
for blood
for blood
for blood

cover it
cover it
black the earth
black the sky

How horrific it is. And endless. Am I making you happy? No? Not me either. But here is a painting from the end of the series. It is called Dwelling. I think it is restful and hopeful. I think it is a simple shelter in the midst of need.

And I don't know how to do an emoji heart on this platform, but that is what I send you, Dear Viewers, a good healthy loving beating heart.


more and more and more tissues

a head full of snot
gifted by my grandchildren
sharing the love

That's nearly a (so-called) traditional haiku. One syllable short on the last line. I could get it in there but... I'll rewrite it instead:

by my grandchildren
a head full of snot

How much better is that?
Normally at this point I would get rid of the first one, but sometimes it's good to remember process. I have haiku that have been through many changes, over years sometimes. Eventually they resolve. I hope.

Mind you I quite like 'sharing the love'. Maybe:

sharing the love
my grand son
his head full of snot

A couple of things wrong. Now the snot line seems too long and I prefer to use active verbs if I can in haiku so 'sharing' doesn't cut it. But I like how specific 'grandson' is.

my grandson
shares his love
head full of snot

I'm happy with this last one. Even though the last line has more syllables than the middle, 'shares' has a long vowel, so the lines seem equal to me. Not that it matters.

What do you think?

I really like this image too. It has been waiting for airing for some time. Would it make a good haiga with the last haiku? Probably, but there is no way I would put the text onto the photo. The composition is too tight.


day of the very much alive flowers

day of the dead
rattle bones coming up
-- flowers

Done on an ipad, from an old notebook doodle.

I suppose I'll have to do the coy skeleton on the facing page too. I certainly know a lot of ways to not do it after the first one. It's a bit ridiculous that digital image-making actually takes much longer for me than it takes to draw and paint one. But, as with any medium, it suits certain ways of working and certain types of images. The only traditional method that would come close to this particular image is lino cut. Would it be better?

Go here on my old blog for more of my digital images, including a couple of small videos of in-process drawings. I especially like using it for haiga.

What do you think of the image? I think the skeleton wants to give the flowers to you!


Night Creature

This is 'Night Creature'. He is some sort of possumy thing thought up under the pen one night when the real possums were playing chase on the roof. He has exquisite whiskers.
He is printed on beautiful thick matt Hahnemühle paper and in a signed edition of only 12. Therefore he is an endangered species and you should buy him to hang on your wall!
Follow this link to purchase:…

I'm still working on the abundant art show challenge #abundantartshow. It is a real challenge. Today we have to spruik our own work. Not something that comes naturally to me. Nonetheless have a look at my shop


The Best Thing Ever (collage series)

Forgive the quality. This is my first ever video. #AbundantArtShow day 4 (I think. I'm confused)

By the way, the one who was giving me leaves (mentioned herein) was my granddaughter, not my daughter (who is more likely to give me dead dragonflies or skulls or lichen). Sometimes I say a completely wrong word. I have been known to say white when I mean black.


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