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The Bug Drawing Game

Here’s a great game to play with kids of all ages (including adults).

You need a dice, some paper, and something to draw with.
Each face of the dice denotes a body part of a bug that you draw.
The winner is the first person to get all the requisite body parts.

Here are the rules we used:

But incase you can’t read them:

  1. A body or a wing (you need 1 body. Wings are optional.)
  2. Legs or antennas (you need 6 legs and two antennas)
  3. Legs or antennas
  4. Head (you need 1 head, but Hana threw 4 seven times in the picture above so she just kept adding heads and Lenka added three three extra heads on this one below)

5. Eyes (you need two, but don’t let that limit you!)

6. A mouth or a butt (you need at least one mouth).

That's it. But here is a few more of our examples. This one by me. (I had to do at least one in my notebook.)

And one by Hana, who is as nuts as her mother (me).

She must have been throwing a lot of fours, fives, and sixes. She was probably in need of some antennas.

Much hilarity was had by all in this process! And, as you can see, inspiring drawings, too.

Do you have any games like this? Tell me about them in the comments. And what do you think of our bugs?


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