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Ervin sitting in front of a picture of flowers and some tanka

in the dream
you pushed our rickety house
how shall we live
now that we grow old?

I stopped reading
and began to gaze
out the window
and that’s why he
reached over and touched me

open Heart, open
to the world of beauty
its cruelty
and your warm husband’s breath
and his limited sleeping breath

the young plum tree
in the first autumn fog
already bare
my loving heart
will take what comes


Photographic Collage

Playing with the silhouette I mentioned yesterday in a Facebook 'Live'. (check out the link if you haven't seem it. I give viewers a little tour round my studio) Said silhouette is starting to attract objects to itself.

At the moment I like the little figure best, though the 'yoni' is interesting too. Those are little rib bones, probably from a small wallaby. What do you folk think? Which one do you like best? let me know in the comments.

Dangerous Rubbish

Here are some of my works from A Bright and Savage Land, a group show put on by h.ART in Lobethal.

The series is called Dangerous Rubbish and is about feral animals and the damage they do to the environment. Perhaps humans could be termed feral animals as they do the most damage of all.

The glass in ‘Dangerous Rubbish’ was found in public parks. The engravings are of skulls of feral animals.

‘Owning Up’ is about my addition to the feral cat population. Engraved ink on plaster on canvas. Pity my grammar/spelling wasn't more betterer. The poem is after a fragment in Christopher Smart's poem Jubilate Agno. It is called For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffry and you can read it here

‘Breeding Like’ (ink and acrylic on paper) speaks for itself, but could it be a metaphor for human overpopulation?

A Bright and Savage Land is a varied show with a strong emphasis on landscape, but lots of other stuff too, including fibre arts, sculpture and a great little pop-up shop. You have one more weekend (26th and 27th August) to see the show. There will be music on Sunday afternoon.

And next door in the soon-to-be Lobethal Woollen Mills Museum, I have another group of works that you can see some of on my Instagram feed. An installation of (mostly) Self Portraits there from me.

The shows are at the Onkaparinga Woollen Mills, buildings 20 and 21, Main Street, Lobethal.


two figures bending over backwards when Mercury's retrograde

Actually I know absolutely nothing about astrology, but quite a few of my friends mention it in passing as if it explains everything. Like stupid politicians for example.


Standing Man

Anyone recognise this silhouette? Those of you who know him will. He is actually holding the door of the wardrobe closed on two children who have just made room for themselves by emptied its contents onto the floor. A second later he releases it and they tumble, with their gap-tooth giggles, onto the floor with the clothes. Little beasties. I get to clean the wardrobe most times they visit, though they don't get this naughty until about day four.

I have reclaimed my studio. It has been sitting idle for a number of years and I have been working in our house. Small stuff mostly, so it's nice to take a large brush and let ink drip.

What do you think of it? Leave me a comment.


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