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Hi Anyone Who Ends Up Here Looking For Me.

I have decided to continue blogging over at my old blog ( instead of here as I get more feed back. Also you can see lots of my poems and art there from a long time back. The shop will stay here and will have things added from time to time. If you want to buy anything else or know more, you can leave me a message there or here


Spring Haiga



How can I give you this rock?
When it was given to me in my dreaming
the voice said, “This is a body.”

Stroke it.
Stroke it smooth like skin.
Stroke it like urgency.

It bears its history on its face,
its long time tumbling from the mountains
stroked by water, stroked by stone.

Time is a salt grain
and I remember exactly
what we were when we were earth,

when we were what the earth demands,
tumbling from the mountains,
stroked by water, stroked by stone.

This is a body and this is me.
I give you the stone-ness of it, weighty,
with its history on its face.


river haiga

So... after months of it being too cold for camping, off we went on Monday, up to Katarapko Creek near Berri. (Murray River, South Australia.) The first hot days and we chose them. It was seriously hot.

We were trying out our new camping set up, a camper caravan, all very nice, secondhand, excellent condition. etc. We hated it. Hated the little tenty beds. Didn't like cooking in it even for a cup of tea. Didn't like sitting in it. It was like a little house, but you don't go camping to be in a house, do you? We spent the whole time depressed about hating it and trying to smile politely and say, 'It isn't that bad', and so on. A comedy skit could have been written about what went wrong. Not to mention us tiptoeing around each other. We forgot to take the coffee pot. There are times when one shouldn't call one's loved one 'darling'.

I guess we aren't caravan people.

But then the sun lowered behind the trees and it cooled down. We got out the camping chairs, turned out backs on our bad investment, and sat by the river. Warm, calm, and exquisitely beautiful. Swallows, river hawks, pelicans, parrots. Water, reflections and the lowering sun painting everything gently.

We pulled the mattresses out into our screen tent and slept there, in cool, delicious air with a 360 degree view, and the night birds calling.

Spent a lovely morning, wandering and photographing, and only going into The Thing to boil a kettle. And then we packed up and came home because the day was going to be even hotter. And we had to get home to put The Thing on Gumtree.



When I was a kid I couldn't say 's' I said 'h' instead. So here, Dear Viewers, is a picture of a bird and an woman 'hingin' a hong'. I think the bird's song may be more nuanced even though the woman is obviously an opera singer. And is that vine growing from her chin? It reminds me of the long black hair that has begun to sprout from mine. Too much information?

It is quite small and you can buy it from my shop.

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